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About us

We are Visuvio, a team of three people, consisting of Jens Schindel, Mathias Schlenker and Timo Dufner, united by the passion to use software development to realize visions and projects in a creative and innovative way. Meanwhile, our history covers more than 9 years, in which we have realized various projects: These include working on commission for the European Space Agency, apps with more than a quarter of a million downloads, interactive art installations and digital art performances at festivals in e.g. Rome (Italy), Nice (France), Blacksburg (USA) and Gwangju (South Korea).

We also held workshops, lectures and talks on AI, cybersecurity, music informatics. Furthermore, we organize festivals, partly financed by state subsidies and our annual hackathon under the flag of

As a well-rehearsed team with mature experience in software development, project management and self-organization, motivated by our passion for software and technology, we founded Visuvio and created Enhance – a project in which we see great potential for the future.

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Visuvio has been receiving government state funding from the EXIST startup program since Sept. 2021.