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Our contactless measurement method: Enhance

Fast & flexible to set up

A camera and a laptop and our software Enhance is all you need. Our contactless measurement method can save you time and enable new scenarios. Record your object of interest and start Enhance.

Track and analyze motion

If you are into data, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are interested in displacement, acceleration, RMS or spectrograms. Gain more insights with our time & frequency based motion plots.

Enhance motion

Many movements in the real world are too small to see. Enhance them directly and easily in your videos, to get valuable insights into complex dependencies. Fasten your visual inspection.

The issues with vibrations / Why vibrations?

Several machines and objects have in common that they are influenced and/or generate vibrations themselves e.g. bridges, motor-driven means of transport & their interiors, rockets & their payload and wind turbines to name a few. Preventing and predicting failure can be done by looking at their vibration profile. Traditionally, accelerometers or laser vibrometers are used here.

Why contactless?

An accelerometer needs physical contact, which changes the weight and stiffness of the object being tested. In addition, the test setup is time consuming and provides only discrete data, exactly where the accelerometer is mounted. Laser vibrometers are enormously expensive and provide only one-dimensional field data, depending on the angle of incidence of the laser beam, whereby success and quality are also tied to the reflective material properties. If you need data of the object movement in more than one dimension, three calibrated lasers have to be used, increasing the costs even more.

Our Approach: The optical method

To overcome issues such as the alteration of the stiffness and weight or the possibility to analyze multi-dimensional setups, optical methods can be used. Therefore, we introduce our video based vibration analysis software “Enhance”. It allows you to visualize and measure tiny movements in videos. The technology can be used wherever components and systems have to be tested for their interaction with external forces. Especially when there are static or dynamically changing periodic vibration characteristics.
To provide a first impression of Enhance’s capabilities, the key features are:

  • Motion visualization & analysis
  • Analyzing dynamic frequencies

About us

We are in an early startup phase and are currently looking for pilot clients that are willing to try new technologies, therefore gain financial benefits when buying the product and profit from direct communication with the developers.

To learn more about us and the team behind Visuvio, visit our about page.

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